Tools wedding favors

Wedding favors are not limited to candles, glass wine or shot glass, picture frame and card holders. There are some wedding favors that can be of use not just by displaying them. Most favors that are being chosen by couples right now are those that can be used so that after the wedding, these things will not just be thrown away or be put in a secluded place. These favors does not have to be pricey, it just needs to have a little bit of personal touch for these favors to be special and unique.

Take for example a bookmark. Bookmarks are not just made of paper and cardboards, right now there are bookmarks that are made of steel and have a high quality of tassels. These kinds are the one that are being used as a wedding favor. They do not cost too much, starting at $0.65. They come in different designs and colors. A person can choose from hearts to butterfly designs, they can also choose to have tassels or not. Bookmarks can be made to match the themes and the colors of the wedding. This will be surely appreciated by the guests, especially those who are booklovers.

Another wedding favor idea is cookie cutter. From heart to cross, there are different designs and shapes that a couple can choose from. People who loves cooking and baking will surely love this idea. It will be a plus giveaway for them to receive such a unique wedding favor. Coffee lovers would also love to have the idea of having a teapot or a ceramic sugar bowl as wedding favor. Coffee scoops, tea bag caddy, tea infuser, tumbler and mug are a few ideas to have as wedding favor. It would not only be displayed but can also be used as well for every day, although the only downside to this is the price, this unique wedding favor will surely be a hit to all the guests that will receive this.

Glass coasters can also be used as a wedding favor. It is very elegant and stylish plus it can be also used every day. They come in different colors and designs. Some coasters act as a two in one like those that acts as a picture frame as well, or those that is reversible and has a recipe or a favorite quote at the back. Depending on the design, these coasters are very affordable and are very handy. While some would settle on this, others would want to have kitchen utensils as a wedding favor. Utensils like cake server or salad server to kitchen timer and salt and pepper shaker. It also comes in different designs that are very unique and stylish.

With modernity right now, wedding favors are not limited to having displays and decors anymore; they can now be for everyday use. It is much better to have these tools as a wedding favor, in this way the couple can be assured that their effort will not be put into waste. Instead by using these tools the guests will always be reminded that they have been a part of a very special day.