Top Five inexpensive Personalized Wedding favors

Wedding favors are becoming an essential item in a wedding. They are the perfect way to say thank you to all your guests for attending the wedding and reception but weddings can not only be stressful but they can be expensive. Everyone wants a little something to take home as part of this special day but he bride and groom donít want to break the bank after all you are buying for upwards of 200 guests. Personalizing an item is a great way for your guests to remember this special day. It also adds a bit of your own touch to an item.

Imprinted votive holders are sure to light up any wedding they are inexpensive running as little $.85 and they can double as part of the centerpiece which will save you even more money. They can be imprinted with a wide variety of designs and sayings for any wedding theme.

Shot glasses are a great item to personalize and they are very inexpensive for less them a dollar you can have an easy and inexpensive gift that is sure to be used for year to come. For a bit more you can add a few finishing touches to them by adding candy or other filler.

Engraved place card frames not only double as a way for guests to find their seats but they can take them home to use as a picture frame. These great frames can run as little as $1.75 and can be engraved with anything you want most commonly the date and name of the bride and groom but you can go on the more unique side and put a love quote on each one. For an added touch be sure to include a picture in your thank you card that will fit in this great little frame so that your guests have an instant memory of this wonderful night.

Engraved key chains are also a great way for your guests to remember this night. Running as little as $1.75 these practical gifts are sure to be used every day. A simple heart or cupid will insure that they are treasured and used while still preserving the memory of this night.

What a great surprise at the end of the wedding to serve coffee and tea in personalized mugs that the guest can take home with them. Inexpensive starting at as low as $1.29 each these are something that everyone will use in the morning.

What every your taste there are many choices out there in personalized favors that wonít break the bank but still show your individual taste.