Tips to save Money on your wedding

Saying “I do” doesn’t mean that you have to yes to debt. You can have the wedding of your dreams with a budget and here are a few tips to keep you on budget.

1. Think of your wedding as more of a party then an extravagant affair. Think of the things that are most important to you. If a expensive wedding dress isn’t on the list then look into vintage or second hand shops for just a dress.

2. Look for wedding venues that aren't wedding hotspots. Think outside of the box, look for places the will meet your wedding theme. If you are having a country themed wedding look at local horse ranches or parks that will suit your needs with out the big ticket prices.

3. Keep your wedding food fun instead of a fancy four course dinner have finger foods or a buffet instead. This will surely keep your guests happy and your budget in check.

4. You can easily cut down on the cost of a wedding cake by serving cupcakes instead , make it fun by having many different flavors or even a decorate your own cupcake bar with many different topping for your guest to choose from.

5. Vintage books and mismatched thrift-store plates and china can add charm to the table décor with out the big price tag of fancy flowers.