A rehearsal dinner

A rehearsal dinner is typically the informal dinner that is held the day before the wedding after the wedding party rehearses. It gives the wedding party a chance to get to know each other and socialize before the big day. Typically the grooms parents pay for the event but nowadays the bride and groom have been budgeting it in to the entire cost of the wedding.

This is the perfect time for you to give the parents and wedding party their thank you gifts and give thank you toasts to everyone for being part of your big day. Although once upon a time this was just for the wedding party and family member it has now become socially acceptable to invite all the out of town guests. Inviting the out of town guest is a nice gesture since they will be spending the night in a strange town. This also gives you a chance to thank them for traveling such a far distance to spend time with you.

This does not need to be a large formal gathering it can be as simple as a back yard BBQ or pizza party. Other great ideas for the rehearsal dinner can include a simple meet and great cocktail party, a themed costume party or the ever more popular honeymoon themed party. Give your guests a taste of what you’ll be experiencing an your honeymoon.