More wedding favors ideas

Skincare products like soap can also be used as wedding favors. Some online stores can customized the soap to whatever design the couple would choose and then have it personalized for a more unique approach. Others can opt for a scented one, while some would choose to have different designs like eggs or buttons and rubber ducky. Although for a wedding favor, most people would prefer to have an elegant design like hearts and flowers or seashells and pears depending on the theme. What is lovelier about these wedding favors are the boxes that hold the soap. With ribbons and bows, these boxes usually hold the information on the details of the wedding, like the dates and the names.

Towels can also be used as a wedding favor in the form of a rose or a slice of cake, these giveaways will surely be of use to the guests. Another beauty product that can be used as wedding favors that are very affordable is a lip balm. A couple can have it personalized by adding their favorite quotes or verse in the bible on the lid. This type of wedding favor can be bought anywhere as a solution to dry lips, it will be very much appreciated by the ladies. Also another wedding favor for the ladies is a compact mirror. Some compact mirrors are intricately decorated and designed to show its elegance and style.

Men does not have to worry, since there are also wedding favors that can be given away for them. One example is the personalized lighter. Since most men do smoke a lot, a personalized lighter with a very elegant design will do as a wedding favor or a cigar cutter for those who love to smoke tobacco. Other options for the boys are pocket knives that can be of use to almost anything, cufflinks for those men who always wear formal or business attire, business card cases and money clips.

Choosing a wedding favor that can be of use to both men and women are the easiest choice there is, beside the fact that the couple does not have to pay twice. But for those people that have money to spend for wedding favors, it can be advisable to have separate wedding favors for men and for women. A couple can get the idea of wedding favors through online or wedding magazines. Too much time and effort should not be exhausted in making decision about what wedding favor will do, since this is not the most important thing that should be planned for the wedding day.

One of the reasons, why most online stores offer descriptions on their products is to save time and effort for the couple’s part. They also show their prices so that the couple can decide and choose easily on what wedding favor they want to give their guests. Always remember though that wedding favors are a sign and remembrance of a very festive day, so it is important to take a little time in thinking wisely about what and where to get these wedding favors.