The History of Wedding toasts and flutes

In most Western countries, before food is served, toasts are made by the wedding party, wishing the couple well. Commonly, toasts are proposed by the bride's father, the best man, and/or the maid of honor. The term “toast” dates back as far as 6th century BC when Greeks and Romans would float toast on top of the wine bowl to soak up the acidity of the wine. Traditionally the loving cup was shared between the bride and groom this tradition has since been replaced with wedding flutes. Wedding flutes although sometimes over looked are a very important part of the wedding. They not only provide a drinking vessel for the bride and groom but also offer many photo opportunities.

Greeks would perform ritual called libations that involved holding a glass to the sky there by extending a drink to the Gods. At this time they would also offer a prayer much like the toasts that are held at weddings today wherein the toaster stands up and extends his drink upwards to honor the couple. According to lore the custom of touching glasses together came from the threat of being poisoned. It was believed that if you tapped the glasses together that it would cause the drink to spill from one glass to the other then if someone had poisoned you they would then themselves become poisoned by the toast.

At the wedding reception the father of the bride is the first to give the toast, thanking everyone for attending and offering tasteful memories of the bride as a child. Next the best man gives his speech usually combining a bit of humor and honest praise for the couple, then offering a short phrase of long life and happiness then raising his glass for the “toast”. Putting one's glass down before the toast is complete, or simply holding one's glass without drinking is widely regarded as impolite, suggesting that one does not share the benevolent sentiments expressed in the toast.

Whatever the history wedding flutes have made their way into weddings across the US and play an important role in the reception itself. For the bride and groom matching wedding flutes are a must for any style wedding reception whether it is a casual beach wedding or a formal affair they make wedding flutes to compliment the décor of any wedding from engraved crystal to jeweled sterling silver. Wedding flutes come in all sizes shapes and colors to make any themed wedding complete.