A guide to the perfect menís wedding attire

Most men would be quit happy wearing a pair of week old jeans and a t-shirt, but most weddings require just a bit more. No doubt your bride will have some input in the colors that you choose for your wedding attire but the main thing is to be comfortable.

DAY TIME: Semi-formal suits are always a good option, so as with dress pants accentuated with blazers and ties or a simple nice sweater over contrasting ties.

Daytime Ceremony Formal: a dark gray cutaway, vest, striped trousers and an ascot.

Traditional Daytime Semi-Formal: Regular length black or gray stroller coat along with a nice necktie, striped trousers and vest. Alternatively, dark tuxedo fits well among modern weddings.

NIGHT TIME: For night time ceremonies, a suit is a must.

Extremely Formal Night Ceremony: black tailcoat with a white tie accentuated with white pique accessories.

Formal Night Wedding: This only requires a simple black tuxedo with matching accessories.

Semi-formal Night Ceremony: Highly recommended to wear anything dark colored tuxedo with black formal trousers.