Do it yourself wedding favors for the foodie couple

Do it yourself wedding favors may bring back horrors of hot glue guns and hours of hard work but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many DIY favors that you can do on a budget without hours of hard work. Making your own favors will not only save you money but it brings a bit of you and your groom into the wedding.

Wedding favors should match the theme of the wedding or match the personality of the couple. So if you decide to make your own wedding favors you should try to stay within that frame of mind. Here are a few DIY favors for the foodie couple.

Cookie Cutters:

Cookie cutters make a great wedding favor and they can easily be made to fit any themed wedding. Hearts are the most popular one used but for a beach wedding a shell would be great or for a garden party then why not a butterfly. Add a special cookie recipe for all your guests to enjoy when they get home or include a favorite memory of making cookies.

Spice Rub:

Spice rubs are a great do it yourself wedding favor. They make a great gift and will add your personality into the favor. Spice rubs are easy to make all you need is a great recipe or a premade packaged one and then all you have to do is pour it in to a great container. Favor bags or jars are easy to purchase at your local craft shop or you can up-cycle some cleaned and washed baby food jars. Add a sticker of what is inside and a great way to use it and viola you are all set. You can even add some fabric or a bow to dress it up a bit.


Although I do not suggest under taking a feat like making your own jam or jelly if you have not previously made it. If you have made jam or jelly in the past then making jams or jellies to give each couple is a great idea. I suggest giving it to each couple only since it is such a lot to do. Adding a cute label or a story about your favorite jam or jelly is a great way to add your own personal touch. If you love this idea but have never made your own jam or jelly there are a lot of places out there that will make you jam or jelly wedding favors and you can then add your own personal story to them.

There are many DIY wedding favors that are perfect for a wedding for a foodie couple all you have to do is use your imagination. Gift certificates to your favorite ice cream parlor or sandwich place or even some top secret recipes would be perfect and well received.