Choose your Own Wedding Favors

Weddings without something to give out to your guests could not only mean you are out of budget but that you don’t want other people to remember your wedding day. There are several factors that you need to consider first before getting into the details of choosing what the best and appropriate wedding favors are for your big day.

Number one in the list would be your budget. Don’t think about spending more than half of your total budget just for your wedding favors. Yes, it is important but it is not really the main thing for the whole day, so one suggestion would be to keep a quarter or even less of your total budget for your wedding favors.

The next thing that you need to think about is how to make your guests remember your wedding. This may sound hard but you just have to think of the whole event; ask questions like, “What is the motif of my wedding?” “What color would be dominant?” “What do people know about me and my partner?” When you get to answer all of these questions then you are now narrowing down your choice of wedding favors. If your motif for your wedding is something green, then your wedding favor should have a touch of green as well. If your wedding venue is in a garden, then you might as well think about something that represents nature like flowers.

Another thing that you need to consider is your partner. For most weddings, it is usually the girl who decides the entire event, from the motif to the gown, to her partner’s tuxedo and all of the details. However, it would be sweet to know what your partner thinks is great for a wedding favor. He could add more suggestions to you that will help both of you choose what would be the best.

Wedding favors need not to be expensive, it can be hand-made as well; or to be more creative, you can do it yourself to add a touch of personalization to it. Some great examples of wedding favors that are done by the bride and groom themselves would be a thank you card made out of a variety of materials that they did on their own. Another would be a picture frame made out of recycled cardboards and sprinkled with little bits of ornaments.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember the main goal of having wedding favors; it is to make your guests remember you and your partner on the most memorable day of your life. So don’t waste time thinking of something that isn’t important, stay on tract and think about what you are and what kind of love you share with your soon-to-be partner in life. That would do it, that will definitely help you narrow down your stream of choices as it will always be better to stay simple yet memorable than to give out something that is expensive and yet it has nothing to do with both of you.